Friday, September 26, 2008

And this week I wanted ... I bought... I made

Thinking this week I want spiced chicken, aubergine salad, hot rice and maybe spinach and yoghurt for dinner Saturday, with cheesecake to follow for David is coming to dinner and it worked a treat. Sunday I'm out most of the day so an easy roast on my return, lamb perhaps - didn't end up going out but did make spiced lamb complete with parsnip pudding. Monday we are out to see the incredible Heston Blumenthal at an evening arranged by Sherry Institute of Spain and I am SO excited. The man is hoping he's cooking dinner for us but I have my doubts he made a series of simple tapas matched with a series of sherries and it was better than fabulous. Tuesday pasta or perhaps vegetable curry we had a chickpea and chorizo stew finished with spinach that worked well with cold lamb in lunchboxes too. Wednesday is the weekly french class so this week may well be omelette in fact fried rice using the leftover rice from Saturday night that I froze and then defrosted, Thursday I'm out so shall leave my sweetheart some little treat truffled sheep's cheese and some bread from St John's and Friday, frittata or salad or given that temperatures have plunged sausage and mash and the other half of the cabbage fried in the butter from the pot roast the other day that I have saved for a treat.

Saturday we woke to fog enveloping Stockwell. It's not often I get to write that but as this is indeed the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, it's literal translation in town as well as in country amazed me a little. It didn't seem to put off visitors to Borough Market any - it was really busy first thing. There was quite a queue in Ginger Pig, with everyone buying, not just looking. There was a big chalkboard sign out the front saying whole shoulder of lamb £10, a definited bargain and, magically, also on my shopping list so I had one of those, but cut in half dinner Sunday, the second piece for the freezer to eat another day. I also bought a chicken that the butcher spatchcocked for me with enviable skill for spiced chicken Saturday night and a pile of oyster bacon half in the freezer half in the fried rice, £28 the lot.

Then to Booths, another shop with a queue, for potatoes roasted Sunday, mashed Friday, butternut awaiting it's fate, cabbage with Sunday roast and Friday sausage and mash, carrots, spinach spiced Saturday and stewed Tuesday, aubergine salad Saturday, peppers fried rice, parsnips pudding, fennel and endive not used yet but still okay for the weekend for £8.50

Lizzie's back at Wild Beef looking well again which is good news, bought some eggs a couple poached to top our chickpea stew and the rest as omelette in the fried rice and some sausages Friday treat, £5.50

Very busy over that side so we beat a hasty retreat and bought some sliced napoli from Gastronomica lunch with rocket from the garden! - £2

Then to Neals Yard for bread, milk, yoghurt and cream - £11.90

More bread for toast from Flour Power but no brownie as I was making cheesecake and that is enough sweetness for one week - £1

That was all for this week - £56.90 - definitely a cheap week!

I also bought spring onions, cream cheese, gingernut biscuits, salt and butter and one extra potato

This time last year we were mostly eating stirfried cabbage and the year before that courgette pasta, one of my regular quick dinners.

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