Monday, September 15, 2008

And this week I bought

I didn't get it together to make a plan on Friday so I had to wing it a little though I'd thought about it too. The man was a sickie boy so thought something spicy would be good. I found a recipe for a rather wonderful sounding chicken poached in spiced coconut milk salad, and that was the starting point.

Borough Market was remarkably busy first thing - queues everywhere. Not sure why - maybe people are cooking fab at home rather than putting it on the plastic pretending all is well. Who knows. At Ginger Pig I bought pork chops grilled Tuesday night with bali salad, chicken breasts poached in lime and coconut milk with a herb salad Saturday night as well as a whole chicken roasted Sunday stuffed with barley and cold for lunches then finally tarragon soup Friday night and a pile of smoked bacon for a cost of £27.70

Then to Booths for potatoes, bananas, cauliflower, cucumber, spring onions, mangetout as a change from sugarsnaps, baby spinach leaves, butternut and a lemon and a lime - £9.70

Onto Wild Beef where once again Lizzie was away due to a bad back so Richard was on his own, bought some eggs £1.50

Needed olive oil, went back to the Italian guys as the last lot was good to cook with - £15.90

Over to Neals Yard for milk, yoghurt and cheddar - £11.20

Bread and a chocolate brownie from Flour Power - £4

And that was all in our fairly truncated shop so we could get the man home in one piece - a perfectly even £70 for the week

But already I have bought more - cream cheese, cream, gingernut biscuits and icing sugar from waitrose, long beans, holy basil, coriander, fish sauce, tree ear fungi and a coconut from chinatown

This time last year we were mostly eating pork and veal terrine and before that zucchini tomato dahl.


Nidhi said...

I had been looking for goat meat in Tooting and had read your comment on a blog about a butcher who has goat meat specially. I would be grateful if you pass on the details of butcher.
Thank you.

bron said...

Nidhi, this time of year most of the Tooting butchers would probably have some but far and away my favourite shop is Food City - for veg and spices and pulses as welll as meat. It's not far from Tooting Bec station going towards Clapham on the left hand side. Hope that helps ;-)