Friday, October 03, 2008

And this week I wanted...I bought...I made

Thinking steaks for Saturday night - and inch thick rib eye was what we had with a crisp salad and some crunchy bread with a glass of red for a great dinner, Sunday don't know ham & eggs - blissfully good, a pulao Mondaywith leftovers for lunch with the ham, lasagne Tuesdaywith beef and mushrooms with enough to last till Thursday, omelette Wednesday, finish the lasagne Thursday, pasta Friday. Oh no - that would mean more pasta! We shall see. It will be the omelette we didn't have Wednesday with duck friton and smoked bacon, a crisp salad and fresh bread - perfect Friday fare.

Cold Saturday. Not as cold as Friday, just cold enough to make me sleep late. We arrived at Borough Market a little later than usual but it was fairly quiet and calm, pleasant to be shopping there.

At Ginger Pig I bought a couple of very very thick rib eye steaks Saturday special!, perfectly marbled with creamy fat and a sizeable piece of smoked gammon Sunday night and lunches all week, along with some smoked bacon oyster some in the lasagne the rest in the omelette - £37 - which means I could get a stamp on my loyalty card and one day I will receive a free sausage roll. Works for me - they are the most amazing sausage rolls.

Then to Booths for potatoes still there which means we had a whole week without potatoes a rare thing, cauliflower, zucchini for the pulao and half the cauliflower is still there but will be fine on the weekend, lettuce salads, mushrooms lasagne, mandarins, mangetout both for lunchboxes and shallots - £5.85

Cheese from Gastonomica - an aged pecorino for lasagne sauce and a rocchetta still there, for it's a while since we had one - £12.80

Eggs fried with ham Sunday and omelette Friday from Lizzie at Wild Beef and some rolled oats - winter is here when it's porridge for Sunday breakfast - £5

Mango chutney from Temptations, a lovely thing we've had before - £7.50

Pork pie from Mrs Elizabeth King's - now given protected geographical status - Yay! £5
A hot sausage roll from Ginger Pig until I have got enough stamps for a free one - £3

Bread, milk, marmalade and chilli jam at Neals Yard - £12
Bread and a brownie from Flour Power - only £1 as the man has now eaten sufficient paid for brownies to fill his loyalty card and qualify for a free one
And lastly, though not food, a gardenia because it was a very healthy looking specimen and I do love the scent - £4

A lot this week - £93.15 - more than I've spent for a long time

I have also bought tinned cannelini beans, kidney beans, flour, parsley, onions, tea and biscuits. And a sesame flute from Paul.

This time last year we were mostly eating Penne with Bacon & Beans and before that Wild Mushroom Risotto.

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