Friday, October 10, 2008

And this week I wanted...I bought...I made

I shall see what the man fancies for Saturday night but I am thinking - fish and by wanting to use up half a cauliflower we had scallops on a purée - divine. Sunday I am out so probably a roast in the evening plans went awry so had lunch out and had chickpea soup for supper. Monday pasta perhaps so we had roast beef and veg and chickpea soup Tuesday pasta instead with mushrooms and ruby chard. Wednesday will be bean stew from the freezer I think the man was out so I had a bacon omelette after French, then Thursday noodles or stirfry fabulous dish of chicken with peppers and peanuts. Friday is too far away but now it's here, I still have cabbage, so cabbage and potato bake.

Borough Market was quietish in the sunshine Saturday morning - a real pleasure to wander about. At Ginger Pig I bought a piece of topside to roast for dinner Monday and lunches through the week and some unsmoked streaky bacon with scallops Saturday night - £21

A jar of peaches from Brindisa for the cupboard because I went to an evening of food pairing with Heston Blumenthal last week organised by the Sherry Institute of Spain that was extraordinary as I got to meet the great man and taste his food and there can be no greater excitement on a Monday night. One of his pairings was Amontillado with Pata Negra Ham, Peaches, Balsamic Vinegar, Rocket and Marcona Almonds - in fact a complete shopping list from Brindisa - the sherry when tasted with the peach its flavour was extended by the sherry, bringing out the fresh ripe notes. So I'm planning to sample some more sherries with the pairings from the other night and this is the beginning of that - £5.95

Then to Booths for veg - celery, leeks with roast beef, cabbage with potato bake, green peppers stirfry, mushrooms, rainbow chard for the beautiful colour and both for pasta, and more colour from the mandarins, sugarsnaps as well both for lunchboxes - £8.90

Over to Wild Beef for eggs omelette Wednesday, eggwhite in the stirfry and topping for cabbage and potato bake - £1.50 goes such a long way! - and to return a mass of eggboxes because I finally remembered to take them with me - £1.50

Tagliatelle half a pack for dinner half in the cupboard from Gastronomica - £2

Parma ham and buffalo mozzarella Saturday lunch from the Italian stall - £9.50

Coffee from Monmouth - £9
Scallops Saturday special! from Furness because I had half a cauliflower left from last weeks shop and wanted to use it as a purée - and what better accompaniment for a Saturday treat? - £9.50
Milk, cream and bread from Neals Yard - £9.40

More bread and a chocolate brownie for my sweetie from Flour Power - £3

So this week we spent £79.75

I also bought onions, butter and chocolate biscuits, some bread Wednesday to go with my omelette plus some new potatoes Friday.

This time last year we were mostly eating spicy parsnip soup - might need some soon and boiled ginger cake. I find it interesting looking back to what we had before - the seasonality of our eating comes through with different dishes using the same ingredients. It has a lovely rhythm.

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