Friday, October 24, 2008

And this week I wanted...I bought...I made

So absolutely don't know! There is a mass of food in the freezer and I must start to use it. So - might do fish Saturday had mussels with chilli and black beans and perhaps roast chicken stuffed with rice and herbs served with boiled pink fir potatoes and leeks that made a lovely salad to go with leftovers for lunches Sunday night. Monday I am delighted that my friend Adrienne and her husband are visiting from Mauritius so we shall have something special - I'm thinking duck and walnut salad followed by beef daube and mashed potatoes had the daube but had cauliflower soup to start and cheese and chocolates to finish but we shall see. Tuesday stirfry and spiced aubergine had a vegetable curry with rice with brussel sprouts and carrots, Wednesday we might finally get the pork and beans from the freezer we did Yay!, Thursday grilled pork chops utterly fabulous egg, bacon and chips. Friday omelette and salad we shall have the stirfry we didn't have Tuesday.

Started at Ginger Pig and bought a chicken and also got some pork fat for free. It's a sizeable piece of sweet creamy fat that I cut into quarters, froze three of them, and finely diced the remaining piece to add richness to my beef daube - £14.25

Booths for sweet potatoes, new potatoes, leeks, a stick of bright green brussel sprouts, a cauliflower, bananas - £7.20

Chocolates from L'Artisan du Chocolat - 2 bags - £4

Mussels from Furness - £5.50

Cheese from Gastronomica - a hunk of truffled pecorino and an oozing slice of gorgonzola - £10 the pair
Coffee from Monmouth - £9

Milk and bread and cream from Neals Yard - £7.40

A hot sausage roll from Ginger Pig - £3 - a bargain!

Bread and brownie from Flour Power - £3

A not unreasonable £63.65

I also bought butter, more cheese, nibbly crackers, a loaf of sourdough from St Johns and some rice.

The only thing I threw away was the last of the vegetable curry - eggshells and coffee grounds and scraps all went to the worms - who are multiplying happily and getting fat on Borough cast offs!

This time last year we were mostly eating hot cabbage salad and before that roast beef!

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