Friday, April 23, 2010

I wanted ... I bought... I made

We have quite a busy week coming up so the plan can be short and sweet. Saturday I want to try a recipe for steamed prawn and tofu and I'm thinking a kind of yum cha series of elements, so some bowl steamed aubergine, some greens, some rice got as far as the wontons and the rice with a cucumber salad on the side - delicate and delightful. Sunday I think roast pork but with some salads as the sun is set to shine, Monday we are off to the Royal Court to see Posh, Tuesday the man is out so I may treat myself - it was a treat to have aubergine pasta and the man was home for extra sweetness! Wednesday we are seeing I Went to the House But Did Not Enter with the treat of dinner first at Bruno Loubet, Thursday it is the lovely David Johnson's birthday so we are off en masse for dinner at Galvin La Chappelle which I am excited about, Friday I think something very simple at home - leek frittata and some crusty bread.

The fabulous blue skies continued Saturday - just loving it! Ginger Pig was busy early so we queued to buy a piece of pork shoulder - boned and rolled roasted for Sunday dinner and cold for lunch till Thursday - £16.40 Had to tell Charlie how fabulous his marrow and beef burgers - we will have more!

From Teds Veg I bought cauliflower for butterbean salad, butternut squash, onions, carrots for salads Sunday night and in the week but no cabbage though I was tempted! Cost £5.80

At Gastronomica I bought a sheet of fennel salami lovely sarnies Saturday and a chunk of Parmesan for £11.50

Raw prawns for wonton from Furness - £4

A big bunch of basil from Booths - £1.50 - as I am running out of basil oil and salad season is upon us

Milk and yoghurt from Neals Yard - £4.35

Spent £43.55 and then later that day bought bread at the little local farmers market at Oval from the Old Post Office Bakery who make lovely bread, tofu, coriander, aubergine and various bits and bobs from Wing Yip in Brixton


A Canadian Foodie said...

I loved this post. What fun to shop at these amazing places. We have incredible produce in Edmonton, too - but not even close tot he cheeses and international artisan choices that you have in London. Neal's Yard Diary is such an incredible gem. To think you can stop by whenever you want is amazing to me. We have a massive choice of groceries in Edmonton - but, at out local markets, nothing like you do. I buy almost everything at my local farmer's markets, and then at the little independent grocers. Of course, I go wherever I need if I can't find it at those two places... and as we are a multicultural country, we have everything you could imagine from all over the world... but it is usually prepackaged... canned - or prepared for mass marketing. I am in awe of your little shopping jaunt!

bron said...

Valerie I love Borough to bits. It is so rare anywhere I think to have so much on offer in one place, and all of it extraordinary.

I find it makes me more adventurous - I see something I don't know or haven't tried and it makes me buy some, or try some or find out what it is and then buy some!