Friday, April 30, 2010

I wanted ...I bought.... I made

Bank holiday weekend Yay! Even though I know rain is forecast. It was so very very cold and wet. We shall have burgers before going to Davids party Saturday night, Sunday some chinese spare ribs and cold dressed cauliflower was very wow, Monday we are out in the evening so might do a paella for lunch grilled pork chops with steamed asparagus and new potatoes. Tuesday the man is out so I shall aim for a treat the last of the burgers with salad for me, Wednesday chicken pie as seen above with the other half steamed for Thursday so no pasta, Friday sausage sandwich out to try Tommyfield!
Bloody freezing Saturday - and colder Sunday - feels like winter has returned. At the Ginger Pig I was hoping for spare ribs but they'd sold out Friday so I bought burgers Saturday supper then the rest for me Tuesday - that sadly had no marrow in them - and a couple of magnificent pork chops early supper Monday before seeing the hilariously brilliant London Assurance at the National - £13.90

Fortunately next door at Silfield they did have spare ribs Sunday night treat which I discovered when I went in to buy a ham hock which is now in the freezer but will be a Great British Menu copy with peas and jelly - got both for £7.60

Had a funny chat with Ian at Mrs Elizabeth King's Pork Pies, with his tales of what people ask for when they buy his pies, worrying they won't be safe on the train or in the back of the car, needing two bags to protect them, this terrible fear that they will melt or leak or break. It's a pork pie for goodness sake! We bought one - that travelled very happily on the bus home - £5

At Ted's Veg I bought cabbage, leeks, carrots for my chicken pie, cucumbers and asparagus for £8.50

First punnet of tomatoes from the tomato man - otherwise known as Isle of Wight -so very very good in lunches and suppers - £3.50

Olives from Fresh Olive - green ones stuffed with chillies - £3.50

Coffee from Monmouth - £10

A truffled rochetta from Gastronomica creamy and earthy and amazing - £7

Milk, yoghurt and penne from Neals Yard - £11.70

So spent £70.70 - a nicely balanced total


Anonymous said...

Dear Bron

I love the look of the chicken pie but I can't find the recipe on your site. Is it available? Rose

bron said...

Rose I shall post it in the next week or so - it is a lovely thing that is great in this fluctuating weather we seem stuck with. couldn't resist posting a pic in the meantime!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bron. I hear it's supposed to warm up this week, but I will still want to eat pie. In the meantime, a woman can dribble ... I'll keep looking for it. Your blog is great! Rose

bron said...

Rose it's there for you! Let me know if you like it.