Friday, April 09, 2010

I wanted...I bought...I made

A couple of weeks away in the sun and fresh air of southern Spain was a real treat. Ate lots of amazing food, particularly pork things washed down with some fine riojas. Ended with fabulous fish in a beach cafe while a man outside with a tin dinghy on chocks that was full of sand with a big charcoal fire in the middle, cooked fish on sticks. Proper holiday.

And joy of joys it seems spring has arrived in London. Lovely.

So I'm thinking perhaps a little lightness on the menu this week, though don't imagine there'll be much by way of salad veg out there yet. I did bring back some morcilla, amongst other things, and plan to recreate a great lunch we had in Ronda that was simply steam fried garlic potatoes topped with sliced grilled morcilla with soft fried eggs on top. Lacking lightness perhaps (!) but will be a most splendid Saturday night special. Sunday I think a roast, beef perhaps, chicken instead with new potatoes, sweet potatoes and steamed leeks, with lots for lunches. Monday stirfry noodles steamed tofu, cabbage and rice, Tuesday meatballs with pasta lovely bean burgers and salad, Wednesday steamed tofu used the last of the meat from the chicken for a most sublime chicken and courgette risotto, Thursday lentils lamb and barley stew from the freezer with toast and Friday sausage sarnies.

It was nice to go back to the market after a few weeks away but a bit disconcerting to see that Wyndhams old shop unit has been leased to Hotel Chocolat - here come the chains... Seems the trustees do indeed intend to pursue a policy of 'brand Borough' and make another identikit slab in London. They have insisted that it is not called Hotel Chocolat though - as if the renaming of it will make it unique.

Charlie was his usual cheerful self in the Ginger Pig, happy to listen to tales of pigs in Spain and chargrilled suckling kid. He's wanting a holiday but then, so am I! Bought a fine looking chicken for £13.90

At Ted's Veg I bought leeks, fennel, celery, cucumber for £4.90

Then at Booths I bought two kinds of potatoes as well as sweet potatoes which were American and were, for my tastes, simply too sweet when roasted to the point of unpleasant, sugarsnaps, and courgettes for £5.50

At Wild Beef I got some eggs £1.50

Had a lovely chat about our holiday with Ian at Mrs Elizabeth King's pork pie stall - where he's yet to introduce frozen pies but may one day! - and bought a pie £5

At Neals Yard bought milk only for £3.10

A cottage loaf from Flour Power, which I learned only recently is a Jamie Oliver enterprise - £1.10

Clementines from Elsey & Bent meant for lunchboxes but mistake! too hard to peel - £1.90

So not a huge shop - we have lots in the freezer and I bought some serious pork products back from Andalucia - spent £36.90

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