Friday, April 16, 2010

I wanted...I bought....I made

Still feel a bit off with the fairies when it comes to planning food for the week, not really helped by temperatures that range from tops of 12 to 19C. Salad or stew!

So, as I have food chain on Sunday, Saturday night needs to be at least a little fuss free, am seriously craving steak and salad, so we shall see. Let the man choose and we had blissfully wonderful beef and marrow burgers from the Ginger Pig on floury baps with caremalised onions. As the man was choosing we forgot even a hint of green for garnish. Sunday the simplicity of roast, I think perfect beef with roast potatoes, onions, cabbage and carrots and gravy in a boat as my cousin Jaey had joined us and we like to push the boat out for guests! Monday we are off to the revival of Tom Stoppard's Real Thing, Tuesday I shall attempt again the steamed meatballs that didn't get made last week, Wednesday I think spiced grilled chicken and salad a sadly awful vegetable curry, Thursday serious chance of noodles as it is an age since we had any pea & ham soup from the freezer with bread from St John, Friday too far away it will be a starter of asparagus as the little shop round the corner from work had some this morning and I could not resist followed by leek frittata. Very like a glass of cold white wine to welcome the sunshine.

The sun was shining which made the rush rush round the market that bit nicer. At Ginger Pig I let the man decide on the menu for the evening. He very cleverly chose the beef and marrow burgers that have been tempting me for weeks. Charlie promised that a lot of love had gone into the making of them total Saturday night special!. Bought a piece of silverside to roast, Sunday, beautifully marbled, cost £24.20 the lot.

Dropped by Chegworth Farm stall to see what veg they had but it was only kale at the moment which was not on my list this week so went instead to Teds Veg for leeks, rhubarb, onions, marfona potatoes which roasted beautifully as promised by the young woman on the stall, savoy cabbage - £14.80

Continuing with the man choosing dinner we needed big floury baps - got a perfect pair from Rhodes for £1.60
Then to Wild Beef for eggs - £1.50

Then to Monmouth for coffee - had totally run out which is reason to fret - £10

Neals Yard for milk and yoghurt - £5.60

For the first time in the longest time, bought a brownie for the man at Flour Power, which, despite my assertion last week, is not in fact backed by Jamie Oliver. My lovely friend Marie who is now Mrs Gleeson and has left the Fresh Olive Company for country life in the Cotswolds thinks it is actually the Flour Station that he is involved with... I may have gone off half cocked! The brownie was £2

So we were back on the bus and home by 10am having spent £59.70 - see how fast it can be done!

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