Friday, January 14, 2011

I wanted I bought I made

The very bitter cold has receded for the moment. Less wintery food is needed. Saturday a treat from the market, perhaps fish - meant to be chicken with white wine and mash but we went for a late lunch at St John so dinner was the last of salami and cheese and olives with crusty bread. Sunday spanish rice, Monday pasta with peas, Tuesday sausage and lentils was feeling ill so made the man a bowl of steamed chicken and ginger over rice and I went to bed, Wednesday tofu and cabbage really ill so slept the afternoon away and the man came home and made scrambled eggs which I ate a little of but not much, Thursday I am out with friends so the man can fend for himself or perhaps he might like pie I had a banana and a clementine and the man had steak & kidney pie with beans which he loved!, Friday omelette I am thinking steamed tofu and cabbage but may well jsut be fruit for me!.

We were late Saturday, overslept a little, but a nice start to the morning. The market was a little busier than last week but not much so it was lovely again to wander about and shop unhindered. The man asked for chicken and mash for dinner Saturday so bought two enormous chicken breasts at Ginger Pig, would love to have seen the whole bird! Both ended up in the freezer to start with, one was steamed with ginger Tuesday and the other will be Cost £10.87

Brindisa next where, sadly they no longer sell calasparra rice loose but do still have it in cloth bags so snaffled one as well as a pack of spicy cooking chorizo - £9.70

Ted's Veg, where the lovely young woman who works there was delighted to have had mashed marfona potatoes in the week. She was the one who assured me ages ago that they made great roasted potatoes - she was absolutely right - so another week I told her I'd mashed them and that was great too. Bought some, as well as carrots, spinach and onions £4.80

Still had some eggs so didn't need more so no visit to Wild Beef this week

Bought a lovely big hunk of Parmesan at Gastronomica - £9

A pie for the man - he does love steak & kidney - £2.50 from Elizabeth Kings

Almost no milk at Neals Yard - bought a litre of whole milk and couldn't resist a whole Tunworth at a bargainous £5 Spent £6.75

A toast loaf from Flour Power - £1.10 though I noticed afterwards a different loaf covered in poppy seeds with a sign saying it made great toast so I may finally try something new!

Spent a mere £44,72

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