Friday, January 07, 2011

I wanted....I bought...I made

All the excitement and feasting of Christmas is over, and all but a butternut, a little hard cheese and some smoked salmon - a lovely Friday night treat with scrambled eggs and crusty bread - has been consumed in one dish or another. Very splendid it has been too.

Now it is January, pouring with rain and, best of all, Borough Market is trading again normally with normal numbers of shoppers and visitors. I am looking forward to Saturday again with delighted anticipation. Makes me grin just to think about it.

I have food chain so will be early and quick. Am planning to have some lamb chops from the freezer for dinner Saturday night with fresh veg - garlic potatoes and buttered spinach, roast pork roasted with the squash and more veg Sunday went for a very late lunch to the Canton Arms for a most magnificent cassoulet so dinner was toast!, Monday a little steamed tofu was the pork roasted with ginger and garlic and lots of veg, Tuesday kale and chickpea soup leftover lamb and barley stew with new potatoes as I cooked too much at food chain, Wednesday risotto went to see Kings Speech then had a fine steak and garlic chip supper at the Hive in Brixton, Thursday noodles totally fabulous kale and chickpea soup and Friday omelette still have the mozzarella so will have a collation with some salami and taramasalata and salad.

Borough Market was wonderfully quiet on a windy Saturday morning. It's always so in January, good respite for the traders after seasonal frenzy and lovely for regular shoppers to be able to browse in peace. Started at the Ginger Pig where Charlie was delighted with the cricket results. Said his brother had gone to the SCG for one day of the last game, said my brother did too but I suspect his brother enjoyed it more! Have to admit the best team won. I bought a nice piece of pork shoulder to roast, eyed up some gorgeous looking pork hocks but resisted! £14.20

Coffee from a decidedly truncated Monmouth. It is being rebuilt so they were selling beans from sacks at the front of the shop but no hot coffee. Dark roast Costa Rica - £10.50

Elsey & Bent have taken over Tony Booth's old shop. Insult to injury.

Delighted to see that Ted's Veg had returned after a couple of weeks off. Bought potatoes, carrots, onions and cabbage - £4.20

On to Lizzie at Wild Beef who was on to her second coffee as the first had blown over in the wind before she'd had a chance to drink it. Eggs, lovely eggs - £1.50

The man professed a desire for buffalo mozzarella, it was realised at the Italian ham and cheese stall - £4.90

Milk - in pint bottles as they were almost out of milk entirely - and St John bread at Neals Yard - £6.75

Was all we got and back on the bus we were home for 10am, hot toast and coffee. £42.05 the lot.

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