Friday, January 28, 2011

I wanted...I bought...I made

Steamed Game Pudding

Out for a posh lunch Saturday so I'm thinking cold collation in the evening - all things fishy for a change from our usual cheeses and salamis. Sunday I'm hankering for roast chicken - ages since we had that - lunch out so dinner was toast with the rest of the crab pate and taramsalata. Monday might have another go at aubergine pasta - full on roast chicken dinner with gravy and sprouts and stuffing and everything, Tuesday noodles aubergine pasta, silky as sin, Wednesday steamed savoury pudding with the last of the game stew from christmas the rest of the pasta reheated in the steam oven with crusty bread, Thursday I'm wondering about belly pork made a lovely suet pastry then steamed it full of game and served it with buttered cabbage, Friday omelette and salad chicken soup with the remnants of our lovely chicken using the carcass for stock.

Borough was picking up a little busy wise this week, but still easy going and great shopping. The boys at Ginger Pig were well wrapped up against the bitter wind, John particularly in a tweed cap as well as a nice big hoodie, but they all looked a bit raw even at 9 o'clock. Bought a chicken and, as a direct result of the cold, bought some lamb neck chops dreaming of stew. Spent £20.04

Coffee next from the newly, and beautifully simply, refurbished Monmouth, espresso beans £10

Then smoked salmon from the Irish stall - £5 - a total bargain it is so beautiful

Then thinking of prawns but bought instead a tub of crab paté from Shellseekers, mainly because I have always wanted to try but haven't - £4.95

Finally returned about 1000 empty egg boxes to Lizzie at Wild Beef - and bought another box to start the new fridge top mountain - £1.50

Then into the new bit of the market where the man had bought good bread the week before, found the stall, found the bread - a lovely seedy malted loaf - £2.20

There is also a game dealer there, who also trades at Oval, and they sell the most fabulous pork scratchings at a bargainous £1 so had to have some. They also were selling partridge legs for 10p each. Yes, ten pence. A challenge I think you'll find. They are on the plan for next week...

Ted's Veg for potatoes, sprouts and a lettuce - I am beginning to hanker after salad - spent £4.90

At Tony's I wanted a cabbage and bought chicory and an aubergine too - £2

From Neals Yard I got lots of milk, some of it 50p a litre short dated, £3.20

Enough for the week, or the time being at least spent a not too bad £54.79

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