Friday, January 21, 2011

I wanted... I bought... I made

Saturday I am out in the morning so the man can have a list and a wander on his own. We are out Saturday night so I’m thinking substantial late lunch - it was but it was at the Canton Arms, ham and mozzarella perhaps or hot sausage sandwiches are always a treat it was too as a quick snack before running for the bus. Sunday roast beef with lots of veg, Monday the man is home late so I’m thinking salad compose with a couple of made salads that can then go into lunches with leftover beef the aubergine curry (above) with ginger raita but did make roasted veg with peppers from the fridge and a few more bits I bought to go with, Tuesday noodles fabulous lentils with a poached egg then lentils with roasted peppers and beef for spectacularly good lunchboxes, Wednesday I am out so the man might like to reprise the pie and beans of this week, Thursday I want lentils and sausage with some lovely lentils from France gifted me by a young french woman I know they were the delightful lentils Tuesday and Thursday we went out for wine and cheese at Cafe du Marché and Friday I am planning an adventure, postponed with pie and mash in the meantime!
There was no trip for me to Borough this week, the man went with a list and came back with the bounty!

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