Monday, August 14, 2006

I Bought

6 ginger pig sausages, a piece of skirt steak to cure, a piece of pork fillet, and some unsmoked oyster bacon at the Ginger Pig - £23
Buffalo mozzarella and parma ham from the new Italian stall - £7.50
A pork pie from Mrs Elizabeth King - £4.50
Baby plum tomatoes - £3.50
Cucumber, onions, spring onions, sugar snap peas from Booths - £3.20
3 red peppers, 3 aubergine, and a bunch of bananas from Tony £3
3 courgettes from a local farm stall that always has glowingly good looking vegetables - £1.66 - which however good they taste cannot be value for money at the height of the summer
A hunk of caerphilly - £4.45
Carrots from Total Organics - 95p
Bread and milk at Neal's Yard - £4.50

The lovely boyfriend was ill - so this was a slightly truncated shop because I had to carry it all by myself

Total this week at Borough - £56.26

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