Friday, August 04, 2006

This Week

Saturday we had buffalo mozzarella and sliced nectarines for lunch, and char grilled scallops and salad with crusty bread for dinner - a real treat!

Sunday Giles made strawberry smoothies and coffee to go with reading the papers in bed, we had a pie from the square pie company in Selfridges while we were out and roast beef with boiled new potatoes and carrots and courgettes for supper - it makes for a much lighter meal than roasting vegetables which I like better at the end of a hot day

Monday more strawberry smoothies and coffee, cold roast beef with potato salad and tomatoes and chopped carrots for lunches till Thursday, we had falafel that I bought at the wonderful Green Valley store in Upper Berkeley Street, it is a magical place of all things Lebanese. I made some hummus and tabbouleh and beetroot salad and we stuffed hot pitta breads for a really sumptuous dinner

Tuesday and it's coffee and cereals and yoghurt for breakfast for the rest of the week, and we had omelette with the remains of the tabbouleh and beetroot with a sesame stick from Paul after seeing the remarkable 'Death of Mr Lazarescu' at the ICA.

Wednesday we had magret - I bought some duck breasts home from France that had been in the freezer and I cooked them slowly to rend the fat - it never fails to amaze me how much fat comes out on a flame not much hotter than blood heat - then sautéed new potatoes in the fat with a little rosemary and garlic and served it with a plain green salad - proper Gersois repast.

Thursday we had leftover duck and potatoes for lunch - quite a treat - and Thursday night we had a spicy courgette and tomato curry with rice for tea.

Friday it was a somewhat ascetic cold rice and salad veg for lunch and we were out in the evening at the largely uninspiring Future Cities exhibition at the Barbican then a nice supper at Alba in Whitecross Street.

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