Friday, August 11, 2006

This Week

Saturday - we had bread and jam mid morning, pork pie and salad for lunch, and fabulous mussels with chorizo and coriander for supper

Sunday - we had our summer smoothies and coffee, nectarines and buffalo mozzarella and ciabatta for lunch and the best half of the red braised pork with rice for dinner

Monday - we had more smoothies, poached chicken, rice, tomatoes and raw thin little french beans for lunch - the beans were a big improvement on the thicker bobby beans I'd used (once!) the week before - and for lunch each day till Friday - and curried vegetables and rice for supper

Tuesday - Coffee, cereals, yoghurt with cooked berries for breakfast for the rest of the week, I was out with a friend in the evening so Giles had asparagus soup from the freezer and some rye bread - which was a lot better than the icky burger I had...

Wednesday - we had the other serving of the red pork with rice

Thursday - I fancied a decent burger - so we had burgers with roasted red onion and green bean salad and a new and different potato salad made by cooking the potatoes in stock and olive oil and cider vinegar that was good, but didn't translate so well the next day

Friday - lunch was leftover salads - the beans/onion combo was lovely, the potato less so, but the tomatoes were sweet and juicy so lunch was okay, dinner will be pasta

And that lovely hunk of watermelon? It tasted of almost nothing - there was just enough flavour to give a hint of how good it should have been. Major disappointment. So I puréed it and mixed in some pomegranate molasses and grenadine syrup and froze it in the hope that it would make a passable granita. It didn't. Some you lose.

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