Monday, August 21, 2006

I Bought

A corn fed chicken from the Wyndham Poultry Company - £5
Lots of sausages - we were making dinner for 7 - and 6 eggs from Ginger Pig - £23
Duck saucisse and a wedge of blue cheese from the French cheese stall - £5
A piece of Comte from Borough Cheese - £6.50
A large tub of fat green olives with taragon and garlic from Borough Olives £4
500g pack of mince from Wild Beef £3
Red and orange cherry tomatoes from Isle of Wight - £6
Potatoes, beans, sugarsnaps, cucumber, aubergines, parsley, lettuce, field mushrooms from Booths - £12
8 red onions from Tony's - £2
500g dark roasted Colombian coffee beans from Monmouth Coffee £8.50
Milk and bread from Neal's Yard - £6.50
Chocolate brownie - £1.50

Couldn't get an unsmoked ham hock anywhere - had a plan to have hock and white beans for lunch but it was not to be

So £83 this week - olives and cheeses and sausages were all for dinner with the Lovely Boyfriend's family - so that added a little to the bill

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