Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Bought

We were running a little late this week and even though the weather was stormy Borough Market was busy. Mostly people shopping but even at 9.30 there were lots of tourists - makes it slower to get around. In some ways they have shaped the market more than people like me who shop regularly with lots of prepared food and snacks now being sold to cater to the tourist desire to 'experience'. I feel sorry for the stallholders who spend the day surrounded by literally thousands of people stuffing their faces - you can see how you'd get sick of it.


I bought some boned chicken thighs from Wyndham Poultry - there is a guy who works there who obviously derives great pleasure from wielding his knife and boned my chicken pieces in moments - £3.50 and the performance was free

I bought an inch thick slice of rump steak and a lovely piece of gammon and eggs at Ginger Pig for £24

Pork pie - medium - £4.50

Baby plum tomatoes - £3.50

2 punnets of small sweet strawberries - £2

Coarse ground mince and thin beef sausages from Wild Beef - £6.70

Lettuce, peppers, aubergine, onions, sugar snaps, cucumber from Booths - £6.20

Carrots from Total Organics - 90p

Bananas from Tony - 50p

Nectarines from Elsey & Bent - £1

Bread and milk and yoghurt from Neals Yard - £8

And lastly of course - a chocolate brownie - £1.50

£62.40 for the week - even with the decadence of steak

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