Monday, February 05, 2007

And this week ... I bought

My man braved Borough Market on his own again this week, armed with a list I made for him Friday night. By the time I got home Saturday evening he had put all his purchases away, eaten the scotch egg and was kicked back watching England win at rugby - a rare treat.

We had thick grilled rump sandwiches Saturday night with onion gravy and beetroot salad. He's very good at being in charge of supper sometimes.

Sunday started with an experiment - the man had bought flaked linseed mixed with oats to try a healthy alternative to plain porridge so I cooked it up Sunday morning in the same way I would make ordinary porridge and - it was horrible. It tasted like a made up version of porridge by someone who had had it described to them but had never actually eaten it. Funny texture, odd flavour. Oh well. Don't try, don't know. Lunch was far more successful - roast pork with winter vegetables roasted with chilli and ginger and garlic. Lovely - and good cold for lunches for a few days.

Monday was the quick and fabulous tagliatelle carbonara after a private view for a photographic exhibition at London College of Printing
Tuesday was another pasta night - made penne with aubergine and mozzarella - very good cold next day for lunch It hadn't been my plan to have two lots of pasta - or indeed either of these two dishes at all this week but the man had bought parma ham and mozzarella - as noted on the list - as I thought we might need a light supper on Sunday after Transatlantic Soul at the Barbican but no - we came in late and headed to bed so I wanted to use them while fresh - made the penne with basil - also on the list - not parsley - not on the list and still it was perfect
Wednesday we had a most fascinating evening at the Ginger Pig shop in Marylebone after closing being taught by two of the butchers from Borough, Chris and Carl, how to bone and roll a shoulder of lamb. It's not that I intend to start doing it myself but it's interesting to know how. Working with such sharp knives gave me some confidence too. After the class these two fine young men served up slow roasted shoulder of lamb - on the bone - braised with carrots and potatoes. A most splendid night out.
Thursday the snow came down but still I went to French class but was glad to go home to a hot sausage sandwich with the last of the beetroot salad for extra juice
Friday today and we shall have zucchini fritata and salad to use up the courgettes - on the list - that I had intended to have early in the week with pasta and basil
So in the end what we didn't have was burgers - but the mince is in the freezer - and black eyed beans with aubergine curry but the beans are dried so will last and the aubergine went into the pasta - and what didn't get used and what I have no plan for is a bunch of coriander - so not bad in fact

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