Monday, February 19, 2007

And this week ... I bought

Big week for lots of vegetables this week but we started at Wyndhams where they spatchcocked a chicken for me and I also bought 4 carcasses to make a batch of stock for the freezer - they're only 50p each so it is definitely a bargain. Spent £7 in total Spiced roast chicken Sunday night and for lunches Monday, Tuesday Made 4 litres of stock for the freezer

Ginger Pig was next for some minced pork and cumberland sausages for £8.70 and the little bit of suet I needed was free Sausages and roasted vegetable salad Saturday late afternoon before a night at the Young Vic Mince and suet in the freezer

Big lump of Parmesan and a piece of soft bra - because my man is easily amused - from the Italian cheese stall - £10 the pair Parmesan for pasta, bra for snacking

Apples from Chegworth - £1 Lunches

Ricotta from the other Gastronomica stall that also sells meats - £4.60 Conchiglie with rocket and ricotta Tuesday night for supper, Wednesday for lunch

Sweet little carrots from Total Organics - 80p - stock

Booths for a big shop - aubergines, peppers, cucumber, yukon gold potatoes because they are really very special, fennel, fine beans, mushrooms, ginger, coriander, onions, and a couple of fat ripe tomatoes - planning roasted veg and a curry - £9 the lot Roasted vegetable salad Saturday used a lot and vegetable curry Wednesday night and Thursday lunch used a lot more

Couldn't resist a savoy cabbage from Tony 50p Not used, might be alright for the weekend

Or a scotch egg from Ginger Pig(!) - £3 ~Saturday brunch

Neal's Yard had over ordered milk so it was bogoff and I got one free litre of whole milk for porridge on Sunday by buying 1 litre of semi skimmed for the rest of the week, also bought some pasta, a big tub of cream, a large tub of sheeps yogurt and a loaf of ciabatta - £9.60 Bread for Saturday tea, yoghurt for curry and spiced chicken marinade, cream for scrambled eggs Friday night or perhaps a quiche because I haven't had one for years

Then just needed a chocolate brownie for my man and had to have an almond croissant for my morning tea - £3.50

A total of £57.70 for the week. Not bad.

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