Monday, February 26, 2007

And this week ... I bought

Had a couple of meals planned in my mind so I set off to the market with a list. Well, a little scrappy square of paper with lots of random jottings but it was the basis of a plan. First stop, as always, was Ginger Pig. I bought a large piece of beef, a corner of silverside, to try out a new recipe, some minced pork for a different new recipe, some pork chops to simply grill and lots of eggs - £37 - and later I bought a hot sausage roll as a breakfast treat for £3 so my total spend there this week was a nice round £40

Next was a chat to the lovely Marie before buying some dried kalamata's that she particularly recommended - £2

Apples from Chegworth, including a couple of big Bramleys to go with the minced pork - £2.20

Gastronomica was the source of a lovely end piece of parma ham and some aged pecorino - £7

Total Organics for carrots, pine nuts and a tin of chick peas for humus - £4.70

Needed lots of veg again this week - potatoes, cabbage, celery, cucumber, courgettes, lemons, sugar snaps as well as some herbs - parsley, sage and basil - £10.05 in total

Dark roasted colombian coffee beans from Monmouth - £8.50

On the way to find the parma ham and mozzarella stall was the Irish smoked salmon stall - their appearance is intermittent depending as it does on the vagaries of the weather deciding their ferry crossings - so bought salmon from them instead of ham for a sandwich for lunch - £4

Bread and milk and cream from Neals Yard - £9.60

A chocolate brownie for my sweetie £1.50

And a last minute bag of bananas - in part to feed the roses in the garden for the spring - £1

Altogether a stonking £90.55 - but we shall eat well!

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