Monday, February 12, 2007

And this week ... I bought

After our butchery class last week we had plenty of lamb - so that was definitely the plan for Saturday night supper with the man's parents. Our total shop at Ginger Pig was, therefore, a minimal eggs and some smoked streaky bacon - £4.20 - the least I have spent there in quite some time though we did buy a scotch egg at the cooked food counter so total spend went up to £7.20 Half the streaky bacon went into a pot of bacon, bean and barley soup, half went into the freezer, the scotch egg was picnic lunch in the car on the way to Suffolk, the eggs will be good this week

Bought a string of spicy cooking chorizo from Brindisa - no particular plan but always useful and they freeze well - £4.60 Nothing yet

Raining heavily by now so we went very quickly round the back of the market pausing only to buy apples and a bottle of apple and rhubarb juice from Chegworth Farm - £4.80 Lunches

Back under shelter and it was quiet at Borough Olives so we got to have a proper chat with Marie before buying olives and feta for evening snacks - £4.20 - Snacks with drinks before dinner Saturday night

Booths was quiet - easy to get potatoes - finally got some Yukon Gold and we shall see if they really are superior, also mushrooms, spinach, celery, parsley, courgettes - but no tarragon setting me into a bit of a panic as I needed some to stuff the lamb - as well as fennel and endive for a winter salad - £5.80 - Mushroom and spinach stuffed the lamb, celery and parsley and potatoes into the soup, courgettes and fennel made for roasted vegetables with pasta, then had to buy more fennel to make a salad with endive and celery to go with a most decadent Valentines dinner of wild beef (from the freezer) burgers with a thin stuffing of foie gras cooked medium rare in a ridged grill pan and had with a fine bottle of Pauillac. It is love.

Went to Turnips for tarragon without success

Tried Tony for tarragon - also no joy - but I did get 3 peppers for £1 - for roasted veg

Offered a sample of soft english cheese at the entrance to Neals Yard with the promise that it would cheer me up even if it couldn't warm me up the young man was right - it was lovely - so I bought a round as well as bread, milk and cream - £12.60 - cream to go into the lamb stuffing and the cheese for a delightful snack and a sandwich lunch on Thursday

About to admit defeat and go home I decided to try one more time for tarragon at the Bio stall near the entrance of the market and - joy of joys - she had some Half a bag for £1 - and so my stuffing was complete and the rest went into white bean salad for lunches with cold lamb

A quiet week food wise - £41.20

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