Monday, March 05, 2007

And this week ... I bought

On my own at the market this week so bought a little less than usual. Started with a coffee and a chat with Marie in the sun - very pleasant. Then off to Ginger Pig for a beautiful piece of gammon for lunches in the week after Sunday dinner with fried eggs and crusty bread, some stewing beef for a stew! Monday and Thursday night and eggs - £24 - and then a bonus of a few mutton loin chops to try - I'd asked Chris if you grilled them - they look so delicate - and he told me that normally they would be best into a braise but it was worth trying them grilled Eggs fried with gammon and crusty bread for Sunday night supper. Mutton chops are in the freezer for next week

Next was Total Organics for chick peas and short grain brown rice - the peas for the cupboard, the rice for salad for lunch - still have some carrots from last week which were lovely with beef stew Thursday night - £2.30

At Booths they had no Yukon Gold so I bought green peppers in the rice salad, fennel, chicory both for a salad with dinner Friday night, sugarsnaps lunches, sweetheart cabbage as a change from Savoy - very nice it was too with beef stew and mash on Monday night and a lovely packet of dried cep - I feel a risotto coming on even though I hadn't planned one for this week but it's a good supper for Tuesday - £7.50

Back to Turnips for Yukon Gold potatoes - they are a current must have - £2.40 Mashed Monday and Thursday night with stew and sautéed Friday night with a little duck from the freezer and winter salad

Back past Ginger Pig for a sausage roll and a scoth egg - £6 Lunch

Neals Yard for bread and milk and they had packets of penne so I had one of those too - £6.60 Daily for milk Bread with dinner Sunday

Bananas from Tony for 50p Lunches

Clementines from Elsey and Bent - £1.40 Lunches

And that was as much as I could carry - £50.70 the lot

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