Monday, March 26, 2007

And this week ... I bought

Borough Market was busyish first thing Saturday morning but not heavingly manic and so we shopped in relative peace. First up, as always, was Ginger Pig. They had rump steak - hung for 35 days - at a mere £12.95 a kilo. As the plan had been for steak dinner Saturday night this was a gift. A brilliant dinner with salad and garlic bread Bought a thick slice and a box of eggs and that was all as the quest to empty the freezer continues - £13.50

Still have some rochetta so didn't buy more cheese but did get some chocolates from L'Artisan du Chocolat - they call them misshapes but they taste divine £3

My man wanted dressed crab for a change for weekend lunch - a fine desire - so popped into Shellseekers £5.50

Fruit and veg next from Booths - potatoes, cabbage, for Sunday dinner with roast stuffed lamb spinach, mushrooms, shallots for the stuffing of my lamb, parsnips, spring onions for parsnip pudding to go with lamb, onions, bananas, sugarsnaps lunches - £6.90 Still had rhubarb fennel, celery and chicory from last week

Bread and milk from Neals Yard - £5.40

Almond croissant and hot cross buns from Flour Power - £3.50 Proper afternoon tea with toasted tea cakes

Mandarins from Elsey & Booth - £1.80

Thought about buying some potted herbs but it still felt too cold to be planting out so that was the lot - £39.60

Later, after cinema in the west end I went to chinatown and stocked up on noodles, sauces, chillies and chinese greens as I have a hankering for a slippery stir fry with the rest of the grilled steak

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