Monday, March 12, 2007

And this week ... I bought

A gloriously sunny start heralded the onset of spring, in London at least, and Borough Market was decidedly busy first thing on Saturday. But the sun is making promises the stalls can't quite deliver on - it is still too early in the year to find much more interesting fare than muscular piles of cabbages and parsnips, celeriac and squash. The sun does promise at least that patience will be soon rewarded with more delicate flavours, reason enough to smile.

I set out to shop with my man but he's a man in pain having done a mischief to his back and so though we arrived together he was soon flagging and made his way home, alone, on the bus with only a chocolate brownie for comfort - £1.50

Having brought home a huge swag of pork from the butchery class on Wednesday night I had only a very short list for Ginger Pig - some pork bones to go with the ones I had to make a light chinese stock for soup, pork chops for the same soup Saturday night and some extra mutton loin chops to go with the ones from last week to try out a new recipe Tuesday night barbecued mutton chops - £10.50

Next was cheese from Gastronomica - a rich piece of aged Pecorino and a thick disc of robiola - £9.90 perfect as a nibble with a glass of wine and a game of scrabble

I could not resist bags of 'misshapes' from L'Artisan du Chocolat at only £2 - so one for my man and one for the office - £4 Sheer greed

On my way back to Booths for veg I found Marie from the olive stall so we had a good chat about the state of things then I went on to buy Yukon Gold roasted to go with porchetta Sunday night, savoy cabbage for a big wok of noodles and pork Monday night, peppers roasted with pasta Wednesday night and chopped into fried rice Thursday night, onions, sugarsnaps, butternut squash roasted with dinner Sunday night and cold with pork for lunches in the week, coriander garnish for soups and stir fries and spring onions - £8.60

Been a long time since I had one so I bought a pork pie for a change - £4.90 Yum

Then had to have some parma ham and buffalo mozzarella to celebrate sun and to tempt my sweetheart to lunch - £8.90

Couple of aubergines sea spiced with mutton chops from Tony - £1.40

Bread and milk from Neals Yard - less than usual as the bag was getting very heavy by now - £4.70

Had to have an almond croissant for my brunch when I got home - £2

Fruit from Elsey and Bent - clementines and bananas - £2.70

£59.10 - and that really was as much as I could carry

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