Friday, March 30, 2007

Treasures of the Freezer

What wonderful things I found when I started delving into the freezer for most of this weeks dining. It has essentially fed us for the whole time. Sunday we had half a shoulder of lamb stuffed with spinach and mushroom and roasted for supper and then cold for lunch for a couple of days, Monday was stir fry noodles with the steak left over from Saturday's supper so not actually from the freezer but very good. Tuesday we had duck breast - still in the freezer from the last french trip - with sauté potatoes and beetroot salad. Wednesday was some frozen pork chops from a few weeks ago and some chicken stock frozen with the last batch I made to make grilled pork and noodle soup. Thursday was more thawed chicken stock along with frozen peas to make cheesy peas - that are also the lunchbox du jour for Friday. Friday supper is steak sandwiches with some minute steaks I bought a while ago from Wild Beef with some onion gravy and the rest of the beetroot salad. Yum.

I'm pleased that there is still plenty more in the freezer though it is possible now to see small spaces... a definite achievement.

And that's your lot for a few weeks. We're off to France to execute some diy on the house - and no doubt have an occasional lunch out somewhere.

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