Monday, March 19, 2007

And this week ... I bought

Running a little late Saturday morning Borough Market was already heaving. When I rule the world people with huge pushchairs and backpacks will be banned from all public places. They can stay home and trip over themselves. That may take a while obviously - but one day.

In the meantime I'd taken some veal marrow bones from the freezer fully intending to buy some diced veal and make blanquette de veau for dinner Monday as a defence against the forecast big chill. Chill has indeed arrived complete with snow but Ginger Pig had sold out of veal already so I bought stewing beef instead - for a decadent beef stew - as well as some eggs - scrambled for breakfast one day and boiled to go with pilau rice - and had the rare experience of spending less than a tenner here - until I paid for the sausage making course next month but that's a different budget! - £8.40

Then bought some parma ham and mozzarella from the Italian stall - it is so very good and makes a quite spectacular lunch platter - £8 Made for an even more decadent breakfast on Sunday

Coffee from Monmouth - dark roasted Colombian beans as they'd run out of my favourite New Guinea - £8.50

Then came across a new stall from Wales, couldn't resist buying a couple of steak pies to see what they were like - very good with big chunks of meat in a serious gravy - the stall won't be regular but I'd certainly buy more next time I see them - £2.40 - a bargain!

Needed some veg - onions, fennel, chicory - for salad - cabbage, bananas, cucumber - with yoghurt and coriander, blanched almonds to garnish the pilau - from Booths £6.70

Tried for Yukon Gold potatoes at Turnips but they only had them in big packs so bought rattes instead - boiled with carrots and decadent stew Friday night - £1.20

Clementines from Elsey & Bent - £1.85

Milk bread and yoghurt from Neals Yard - £6.50

And a brownie for my man - £1.50

A very reasonable £45.05

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