Monday, March 17, 2008

And This Week ... I bought

We were at Borough almost before 9 this week - it was warmish and uncrowded and generally pleasant. Started as ever at Ginger Pig, there to discover it was National Butchers Week, so I wished young Charlie a happy week which amused him - he'd thought they might get the day off to celebrate but no chance. Bought a lovely piece of topside to roast Sunday night and then in lunchboxes and a kilo of diced beef because it was on special for £6.50 - a bargain to good to miss. Into the freezer in two packs. £25.70 altogether.

Bought a pork pie for Saturday lunch for the first time in what seems like ages. Had a long chat with the stallholder about rugby, and the chances of England winning at Twickenham - seemed unlikely but they did - and Wales getting the grand slam in Cardiff - he thought it unlikely but that has more to do with not wanting Wales to win than anything and I was unsurprised to see them make it. The pie was £4.90

The here for the week outside Roast stall was selling bunches of deep green watercress - had to have some - went with smoked salmon for an elegant post theatre supper Saturday night and the last of it was good on Monday with cold roast beef for lunch - £1

Eggs - spinach omelette Thursday night - from Wild Beef - £1.50
Coffee breakfast every single day - from Monmouth - £8

Booths for veg - potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchinis roast dinner Sunday, lettuce, cucumber salad Thursday with omelette, carrots, bananas, thyme and tarragon herbed bean salad for lunchboxes - £9.40

Then to Tony's for spinach omelette Thursday with salad including a head of chicory on a whim - £2

Smoked salmon Saturday supper from the Irish stall - £5

Milk and yoghurt breakfasts from Neals Yard - £5.60

Hot cross buns hot brunch from Flour Power - £2

Tomatoes from Elsey & Bent because I was looking for something else but they looked lovely and smelt like proper ripe fruit went into a dahl Wednesday night - £1.78

A not unreasonable £66.88

This time last year we were mostly eating pilau rice and a decadent beef stew. Of the two the beef is a serious recommendation for what looks set to be a bleak easter.

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