Monday, March 03, 2008

And this week...I bought

Cold and bright is always a good way to go to Borough and that was what we got on Saturday. At Ginger Pig I bought a serious hunk of pork shoulder for lunches after a lovely roast dinner Sunday night, some minced pork Lions Head Monday night with leftovers Tuesday, and a small chicken that I had jointed into eight for jollof rice Wednesday night with some for lunch Thursday and the rest for dinner Friday. Thought that was all but the man noticed they had diced veal so I bought a kilo for the freezer as sometimes it's hard to get - £40 for a fairly major amount of meat.

Then in the 'just here for the day' space outside Roast the Yorkshore crisps people were back - thoroughly enjoyed their wares last time so had to have a tub of ready salted miraculously as yet untouched - £2

Next to them was a friendly woman selling cordials for Thorncroft. The man tried the ginger and lemon then we both tried the detox made from herbs steeped in apple juice and it was very good indeed - £2.95 - counter the effect of the crisps...

Across to the other side and I bought eggs two whites into the Lions Head - from Lizzie at Wild Beef and, because I have been eyeing it off for a while, I also bought a copy of the Borough Cookbook - £21.45

The Isle of Wight tomato stall is back. I have resisted buying any in the last few weeks as too early they are a disappointment but I tried a mini plum and, though they will surely get better, it was a real pleasure to eat a fresh tomato again. It has been a long time. So I bought a punnet - £3.60

Coffee beans were essential - had run so low I could wash out their container - some dark roasted Columbian - £8.50

Parma ham and mozzarella for Saturday lunch because they were so good last week - £9.20

Booths for veg - potatoes, carrots Sunday roast, fennel, celery lunches, sweet potato, leeks Sunday roast and cold sweet potato in lunches, rhubarb breakfasts and another tub in the freezer, green pepper jollof rice, garlic for just about everything, Chinese cabbage, spring onions both in Lions Head - £13.80

To Neals Yard, and I was delighted to see they had sheep milk yoghurt - a perfect match with my soon to be stewed rhubarb for breakfasts - and a couple of litres of milk - £6.40

From Flour Power it was only hot cross buns Saturday special , as the little toast loaf went in to the freezer last week and has not yet reappeared - £2

Then because I'd bought no fruit I stopped at the stall outside Elsey & Bent and bought a scoop of nectarines for a pound and because they never ripened they ended up in the bin and so they were very expensive indeed, hoping all the while they will be good - £1

So the grand total this week was £110.90 - partly because I spent £20 on the cookbook and partly because prices are rising at Borough as well as the rest of the world.

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