Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And this week ... I bought

Easter and the start of spring. Yay!

And then there was the reality. Hail. Sleet. Snow. Rain. Gales.


Friday morning was windy and sunny and so the man and I set off for Borough figuring that Ginger Pig, Booths and Neals Yard would all be open from the start of the day even if the majority of stalls would not be set till the official Friday start time of midday. Because it was Good Friday and only about 10.30 I thought there would be next to no one there. Some of us live and never learn... probably even more tourists than usual thinking it would be open for the whole of the day mingling confusedly with stall holders trying to set up around them. Ah well.

As we were in holiday mood we started at the 3 posh bangers in a bun cafĂ© on Stony Street for exactly what it said on the sign and a coffee and most fine they were too - £10

Then to a very quiet Ginger Pig for a breast of chicken intended for a stirfry with noodles but ended up in the freezer for another day and a box of eggs two yolks as a thickening agent into veal with mushrooms and cream that was a decadent supper Wednesday night and a real treat for lunch on Thursday and a couple to top a friton salad Friday night- £4.80

Some apples lunches from Chegworth - £1.20

Booths for veg - potatoes, peppers, aubergine curry with chickpeas Thursday night and lunches Friday, garlic, onions, cucumber, dill had thought about making dill rice for the curry but just had plain rice topped with chopped dill, mushrooms for veal and mushrooms, brussel sprouts and carrots with veal on Wednesday night - £6.20

Bread and hot cross buns toasted for breakfast Saturday before we set off for the Suffolk caost from Flour Power - £3

Milk and yoghurt breakfasts from Neals Yard - £5.60

As we were meeting up with some of the man's family we just had to take chocolate - not the hand made truffles at £55 a kilo (!) but lovely things from Konditor and Cook, including a smiling lamb made in fluffy white chocolate - £17.95

Not much at all for the week but we were away for the long weekend for sunny walks that were snowy ones in the end and I am still on a mission to be using the stuff from the freezer - a miraculously small £48.75

This time last year we had garlic bread, spiced oil and - an ever recurring theme - treasures from the freezer.

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