Monday, March 10, 2008

And this week...I bought

The sun was vaguely shining on Saturday morning and so we set off to Borough with light hearts. Shame it was nowhere near warm when we hit the street and by time we got off the bus storm clouds were building. Ah well.

Went to Ginger Pig for some minced pork made into pork and water chestnut balls for the noodle and greens soup pictured that also used up the stock from the tipan that was in the freezer that we had Wednesday night for supper and again on Thursday because I had an excess of balls! - and resisted the temptation to buy anything else as I want to use stuff from the freezer and because we have eaten a lot of meat lately and I fancied some lighter dishes - so a mere £3.75

On the way to Furness the 'just for the one day' stalls outside Roast had what is, for the man, the utterly irresistable prospect of real ale, brewed in a microbrewery. The stallholder started a spiel but really it was only a question of how many - 3 for £7.50

Then to Furness for a couple of sea bass coconut curry Monday night - that the monger filleted for me - £7

Across to the other side for eggs into the soup and the charcuterie loaf - from Wild Beef - £1.50

And cheese from Gastronomica. A practically liquid round of cow's milk cheese was too good to resist and they had some truffled sheep's cheese which we love as a nibble with a glass of wine and then Gianni said he had one thing on the stall that was stronger than love. He pulled out a small tub of soft cheese labelled 'The Edge of Poison' and scooped some out for us to try - an amazing thing, like a whole army's worth of rotting socks - a cheese strong enough to take your head off! Loved it alone or with tiny oatcakes but the man didn't. Asked how to buy it and was told he'd give it to me for free - or for 2 pence as the rest of the cheese came to £13.48. So £13.50 and everyone is happy.

Some olives from the Taste of Turkey as we haven't had any for a while - £2.50

Then to Chegworth for apples - for lunches - only a pound and sure to be edible unlike last weeks nectarines

Booths for potatoes meant for potato cakes but still there and still fine for next week, carrots , spring onions pork balls soup, a lemon pasta Friday night, red onions for spiced onions to go with the potato cakes another definite for next week, sugarsnaps, fennel for salad for lunches and then, at the checkout, a jar of truffles for our friend Georgia £13.75
Tony for spinach spiced with curry Monday night - £1.50

A sausage roll from Ginger Pig - £3

Milk, bread and yoghurt from Neals Yard - £9.70

Hot cross buns and a brownie from Flour Power - £4

Altogether - £69.70 It was raining by the time we were back on the bus.
This time last year we were mostly eating another version of pork and cabbage as well as little mutton chops with sounding radish slivers. The year before in March we were mostly eating curried lentil and potato soup.

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