Monday, March 31, 2008

And this week...I bought

We were early this week for no particular reason and the market was just starting to get going. People but not masses.

We started at Booths - all change! I bought a bright pink shopping trolley and am now trying to use it logically - and without distress to others - on our weekly jaunts to Borough. The man likes the idea - turns out he doesn't like carrying all the shopping on a Saturday. It's just that he doesn't like me carrying it even more. So if it all goes in to the trolley it's easy peasy but I don't want to squish the stuff at the bottom with all the heavy stuff on the top. Logistical nightmare. Figuring veg weighed the most we headed to Booths for potatoes, a huge sweet potato, cauliflower, courgettes all with roast on Monday night the cauliflower with cheese sauce and then cold for lunches for a few days, peppers, aubergine roasted vegetable pasta Thursday night with leftovers for lunch Friday, lettuce, sugarsnaps, cucumber, tomatoes, fennel Friday night salad and bananas lunches - and that really does weigh a lot - £13

Then to Ginger Pig for steak - I had been hankering for a t-bone - it's been the longest time since I had such a thing but upon arrival we discovered that rump aged for 45 days was on special for £12.95 Saturday stunner and leftover rare grilled in a noodle salad and the t-bones were £17.95 so t-bones will have to be another day, also bought a big piece of pork to roast Monday night - altogether £28 But this involved a bit of rejigging of the trolley as the meat would squash soft things like tomatoes and lettuce but not hard things like potatoes. The man was on hand fortunately and he rescued the soft things into a bag and let the rest trundle along happily ensconced

Cheese from Gianni - needed some Parmesan and fancied a little Pecorino with some olives and a glass of wine Saturday night and some still in the fridge - two serious blocks for £15

Thought of mozzarella and parma ham for lunch but we went to see the unutterably fabulous film You the Living so instead the man made me the most decadent breakfast in bed Sunday - convinced the woman ahead of me in the queue that she really would like to have some cheese with the ham and she went off delightedly clutching both - as did we a few moments later - £8.90

Scotch egg brunch from Ginger Pig - £3

Milk, bread and yoghurt and a small block of cheese to cook cauliflower cheese Monday night -with from Neals Yard - £11.80

A cottage loaf Sunday breakfast and a toastie for lunch and a chocolate brownie rounded out the morning - £3

Trolley laden we headed off back to the bus £82.70 well spent

This time last year we were msotly eating out in France, same the year before except for poached chicken I'd made for lunches.

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