Friday, July 03, 2009

I wanted ... I bought ... I made

Saturday we have the afternoon in Tooting while I get everything sorted for Sunday Food Chain so dinner needs to be a simple thing, fish and salad perhaps though it's 4th July so quite fancy a burger blowout in the end we had pan fried chicken with potato salad and garden salad from our very own garden. Sunday an easy roast to make when I get home even better I had cooked the gammon Saturday then glazed it with cloves and molasses sugar for a deeply wonderful result with a crisp green salad and more potato salad, Monday I'm out so the man may like to eat a pie, Tuesday a lentil salad I fancy trying we had pasta with ricotta and summer vegetables, Wednesday the pasta that didn't happen last week may be resurrected which was Tuesday and the lentil salad was Wednesday, Thursday I will try the tortilla the tortilla may never be made! as we had eggs and dahl as told by Madhur Jaffrey and Friday a cold collation with some things that we have now in the fridge perhaps but we are out so dinner at A&H. Yay!

Sunshine Saturday - starting to expect it now after a whole week or more. Soon I may forget how to wear a cardigan. We headed off to Borough Market early and it was a real pleasure to wander about almost unimpeded by tourists. At the Ginger Pig I bought a lovely piece of gammon Sunday dinner and lunches till Wednesday and a couple of chicken breasts just fried with garlic for dinner Saturday - £16.55

At Booths I bought potatoes, little cucumbers (as in 'would you like a little cucumber?!), leeks, fennel, and red onions a variety of salads- £6

Have run out of posh sherry vinegar so got some from Brindisa as well as a tin of tuna - £12.70 - it is expensive but it lasts forever (till it runs out, obviously) and is a brilliant ingredient for certain salad dressings, particularly

From a very cheerful Lizzie at Wild Beef I bought a dozen eggs two lots of boiled egg dishes, one salad one curry, plus a couple in the pasta bake on Tuesday - £3

A crusty white campagne from Rhodes - £1.50

Coffee from Monmouth - £10

A lovely steak and kidney pie from Mrs Kings - £2.50

Milk from Neals Yard - £3

A cottage loaf from Flour Power - £1.10 - but no brownie as the man has vaguely gone off them of late so perhaps absence will restore the passion!

So a not unreasonable £56.35

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