Friday, July 24, 2009

This week I wanted...I bought...I made

Out again Saturday night, this time to the Young Vic to see the Girlfriend Experience and I have Food Chain, so busy weekend. Something substantial when we get back from Tooting before we go out - maybe hot sausage sarnies... had a little picnic in the sunny garden in Tooting with little samosas and bhajis and things then didn't make the show but did make salami and cucumber /mozzarella cold collation Sunday roast, looking for easy peasy and with rare roast beef, onion salad, potato salad and a crunchy one of celery, carrot and radish that's what we had. Monday and Tuesday I am out, Tuesday to a blogger night organised by Cadbury which was an interesting masterclass on cooking ghanaian food - was the first time I have eaten zebra! - in honour of Cadbury's move into using entirely fairtrade cocoa from Ghana in the production of their chocolate. So a pie for the man and not sure what else. Wednesday probably chinese fab omelette and chorizo herb salad and another cucumber mozzarella combo dressed only in basil oil, Thursday pasta was chinese with dry fried green beans that we harvested from the wigwam in the garden and stirfry carrot and ginger over rice and Friday a salad plenty of rice leftover so it's fried rice tonight.

Arrived bright and early at Borough Market Saturday morning to find it very quiet and peaceful - perfect place to shop really! At Ginger Pig they had no topside so Charlie suggested a piece from the H bone cut that he said would roast very well and it did, that made Sunday supper and lunches through till Thursday so I bought that along with a kilo of pork mince which the man was curious to know what I was planning which was mostly just splitting it into smaller lumps for the freezer for addition to chinese dishes for the next month or two the first being Thursday night in carrot and ginger stirfry. Cost £27.20

At Booths I bought sharps express potatoes perfect salad, a butternut still there, fennel, carrots, radishes, spring onions and red onions additional salads Sunday and in the week for £7

At Wild Beef I returned a dozen or more boxes for the shortest possible version of recycling and bought a box of eggs omelette Wednesday - £1.50

Fennel salami from Gastronomica to repeat last Saturday's lovely lunch - £2.50

Buffalo mozzarella Saturday supper and Wednesday too from the Italian stall - £4.70

The most enormous ham hock I have ever seen it is to be the centrepiece of a dinner Saturday night which involves cooking it in master stock, then frying till crisp and serving with chilli caramel, a process I have already started as it will take 3 days to make the entire meal and I am so looking forward to it! from Silfield for £2.95

Peppers one in fried rice Friday and the other 2 still in the fridge but will be fine early next week from Tony - £1

Pies Monday supper from Elizabeth King - £5

Milk and pasta cupboard from Neals Yard - £6.20

A ciabatta Saturday night but not great bread, sadly and a brownie for the man from Flour Power - £4.20

Altogether £62.15. Also bought a loaf of bread from St John which is easily the best bread in London, and possibly the world, butter, a block of cheddar which was an impulse buy and probably a mistake, a camembert that was half price as it was at it's sell by date and is magnificent and perfectly ripe, so not a mistake. Also a load of things from Chinatown that I've run out of - soy sauce, black beans, shiaoxing wine, palm sugar and pickled bean sprouts if I can find them, as well as thai basil, lemongrass and spring onions for the Saturday sumptuousness of crispy ham hock and thai salad and rice.

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