Friday, July 17, 2009

I wanted...I bought...I made

We grew that!

Saturday we are out in the evening to see Jude Law in Hamlet so I'm thinking a cold collation later afternoon with the centrepiece of a salad of buffalo mozzarella, cucumber and rocket and lettuce from the garden which was utterly lovely with some fennel salami and crusty bread. Sunday we have more culture with an afternoon performance of Phedre at the National for which the man's parents are joining us. So we shall have lunch at ours beforehand - another cold collation but this time I'm thinking gammon and potato salad and a cucumber salad more from the garden and simply dressed with basil oil plus salad of fennel, carrot and kohlrabi for crunch followed by eton mess . Ham sandwich later! Monday a chicken casserole I've been thinking about actually stir fried cabbage and pork with rice, Tuesday duck bit salad - with cucumber! pasta with tomato, mozzarella and basil, Wednesday chinese I think including some cabbage salad ham, egg and salad and Thursday a little pasta with rocket perhaps after a quick drink in town home to fried eggs on toast, something I haven't had for the longest time and I realised just how much I like it! and Friday we are out with the lovely David Johnson.

Borough Market was very quiet first thing Saturday. It is the start of the summer school holidays and it's amazing how that affects numbers - no doubt made up for later with vast numbers of tourists. But for us it was heavenly. At the Ginger Pig I bought the only piece of unsmoked gammon they had - apparently they sell much more in winter which surprised me a little as I love cooked ham in salads and sandwiches and the man has a definite passion for it with egg and chips. It was an enormous piece - 3kgs - and cost £27. ~We ate it all week in various guises, including lunches with salads and then on sandwiches with cucumber with bread from St John

At Booths I bought potatoes, kohlrabi, garlic, carrots,but no fennel all in salads and beetroot already cooked in the fridge for £4.50

From Lizzie I bought some eggs fried, two nights in a row!- £1.50

A punnet of baby plum tomatoes Sunday lunch then in lunches with enough for next week, perhaps slow roasted for a little change from the Isle of Wight as a treat because the man's parents are coming for lunch Sunday - £3.50

A fennel Sunday salad then lunchboxes at Teds Veg - £1

A small rye loaf for Sunday from Rhodes - £2.30

Coffee from Monmouth - £10

Strawberries for an exquisite eton mess Sunday from Chegworth - £2.50

Buffalo mozzarella salad Saturday and pasta Tuesday from the parma ham stall - £4.70

Fennel salami Saturday brunch from Gastronomica - £2.50

Smoked salmon Saturday breakfast from the Irish stall - £5

Milk, yoghurt, bread and cream from Neals Yard - £9.80

Cottage tin from Flour Power - £1.10

A not too bad £68.20

Also bought a bunch of parsley, onions, bread, more cream and strawberries to make another eton mess with the rest of the meringue (they are very big) that the man had for lunches as dessert - how decadent is that in the office? And a loaf of bread from St John


Angie said...

I wish my mum could be relied on to eat something more imaginative than roast beef and yorkshire pud for sunday lunch but, hey ho............

bron said...

Funny you say that Angie - yesterday we had roast beef... but it was in the evening and we had no yorkshire pud as it is something I ain't so great at making though I suspect you must be with that much weekly practice!