Saturday, February 13, 2010

B I Y Pork Pie

Last week Ian from Mrs Elizabeth Kings Pork Pie brought a fozen pie to market. For me! It came with instructions on how to bake it and a separate little pouch of jelly. He assured me I was the first person in London to ever have a pie to bake myself. So delighted!

I had read about the company making frozen pies and selling the separate elements so that people could have pork pie whenever they fancied. Asked about it, he told me it had been his grandfathers idea and dubbed them BIY - it was when the fad for DIY was just taking off. This is much better than that though. Instead of ending up with a shoddy shelf you Bake It Yourself and end up with the absolute freshest version of pork pie possible.

Can't begin to tell you how fabulous the smell was that filled the flat as it baked for an hour.

Once it was cooked I served it up hot, as suggested, with lots of steamed veg and the jelly warmed through and spooned on like gravy.

Utterly lovely.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh that looks lovely.

bron said...

It was indeed.