Friday, February 19, 2010

I wanted...I bought...I made

You know the signs outside Pizza Express saying Francesco Mazzei is making the pizza? It's true - here he is making mine Tuesday night!

Saturday night David is coming over for dinner to admire the steam oven and is hoping for sweet things. I do so hate to disappoint so steamed ginger syrup pudding is on the menu to follow a chinese feast with some steamed little spiky balls and silken tofu and grilled lamb made vast amounts of food though the lamb ended up as a barley stew later in the week but there was also a very fine steamed eggplant as a centrepiece. Sunday I want to try a leek bread pudding steamed a second lot of pork balls and some of the leftovers from Saturday night, Monday the last giant pork chop with steamed potatoes leek bread pudding baked!, Tuesday I'm out learning the secrets of Francesco Mazzei's pizza's so the man might like a hot pie, Wednesday steamed chicken with stir fry peppers steamed lamb and barley stew with steamed potatoes which was intensely savoury and I shall post about it next week, Thursday eggs en cocotte with mushrooms the lamb was so good we had it again! and Friday I'm out and the man will probably go for fish and chips!

After being so cold last week at Borough I wrapped up warm in my lovely fake fur coat, furry boots and knitted gloves. Bit Michelin Man but cosy as pie. At Ginger Pig Charlie was looking seriously cold and suggested I lend him the coat... I gave him a challenge instead, asking him about beef tendons, as we had some in a restaurant and they were amazing and then, by chance, I found a recipe. He showed me where they were on a beef shin and promised he'll try and have some for me next week. In the meantime I bought lamb neck chops, thinking of one thing but he said Ooooh making a stew which set me off on another track. Also bought pork mince lots of balls and chicken for the freezer and spent £25.64

Then to Teds Veg for a change. Bought leeks pudding to die for!, peppers, cabbage and aubergine various stir fries and steamings - £8.30

From Booths I bought potatoes for steaming, carrots, a cucumber and some clementines for £3.90

Eggs from Wild Beef, a bargain £1.50

A pie for the man, steak & kidney of course - £2.50

At Neals Yard bought milk and cream and bread for £9.30

A large loaf from Flour Power this week though not for toast! £2.20

So spent £53.34

And here's one I made, after stellar instruction

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