Friday, February 19, 2010

Last week's lunches

We had a very nice collection of lunches last week, most of them packed into tubs the night before for extra speed. Actually the real reason I like having them in the fridge overnight is that I get to spend an extra ten minutes in bed and the man has to make the coffee!

Mondays lunch, and the same for Tuesday was slices of cold roast beef from Sunday's dinner, with leek pudding and cold roasted heritage carrots that were really sweet and deeply flavoured. Packed the night before on both days, so very quick in the morning!
Wednesday's lunch was the last of the roast beef. I used the leftover rice from Tuesday's dinner to make a little salad with some raw carrots and celery and dressed with a splash of olive oil, which took me about 5 minutes. Added clementines.

Thursdays lunch was the other half of Wednesday's dinner which was seasoned pork steamed for 10 minutes then eggs added at the same time as a dish of spiced shredded cabbage for the last 5 minutes, served with rice. It was lovely hot and equally so cold. Packed the night before so no time needed in the morning.

Friday's lunch was parma ham in granary baguette - very yum. I'd bought the ham the day before to line the moulds for my steamed eggs and picked up two baguettes at Paul, one to go with dinner and one to make lunch. Took me a couple of minutes to put together.

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