Friday, February 26, 2010

I wanted... I bought.... I made

Food chain weekend so it needs to be simple on the homefront. Complicated plans for Sunday night invariably come to nought. So - I'm thinking more pork balls Saturday night as I have some water chestnuts to use and some cabbage that will make a nice side dish only balls as we had a snack at St John about 5.30, high tea if you like, so not specially hungry, Sunday a roast, easy and fabulous more balls! . Monday vegetable curry I think roast chicken, and all the trimmings, Tuesday we're out, Wednesday steamed chicken and ginger carrot salad and steamed aubergine and ginger rhubarb fool for dessert as the lovely Vicki was round, Thursday pasta with mushrooms steamed savoury custard, spicy cabbage and rice, as I have a little hankering, Friday steamed eggs steamed leek and bacon pudding as the hankering will be assauged on the weekend I'm thinking!

At the Ginger Pig I bought a chicken roasted Monday night and cold in lunchboxes for a few days while the sun was shining and it looked set to be a lovely day. Paid £13.70

At Booths I bought steaming potatoes with the chicken then the rest in salad for lunches, blood oranges to recreate a treat from Anchor & Hope juiced and mixed with campari and soda, brussel sprouts and a butternut squash roast dinner hot and cold in lunches for £3,80

At Monmouth I bought coffee - £10.50

From Wild Beef I bought eggs - £1.50

From the Fresh Olive Company bought a melange in a medium pot - £3.50

At Gastronomica I bought a great piece of toma - £7 - and emerged into the pouring rain to run across the road.

At Neals Yard I bought milk and yoghurt - £8.90

At Flour Power I bought a toast loaf - £1.10

At Elsey & Bent I bought a tub of mandarins - £2 - despite liking their name I don't often buy much here and it turned out the mandarins were too hard to peel so, though they were meant for lunches they ended up as juice so it will be another long time till I'm shopping there again

From Teds Veg I bought rhubarb bought loads so have a tub in the freezer, had it for breakfast with yoghurt and made a fool Wednesday night, leeks pudding and peppers still to be used - £10.80

Spent £62.80. Still raining as we ran across the road for the bus. Perhaps this winter means to last forever.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog, except for what appear to be random font size changes in many of your articles, e.g. this one here that I am commenting on has:

nice side dish "only balls as we..."

in my browser (firefox) the quote above suddenly changes to a much larger font in the part I mark with double quotes.

Please would you explain what is going on? Or maybe you are not aware and someone has hacked your site? I can provide screenshots if you want.

I won't supply a user name in fear of your security having been breached - but if you post an article on this subject I will follow up.



bron said...

Hi George - glad you love the blog.

The font changes are intentional as I'm trying to show additions at different times to the 'I wanted...I bought...I made' posts as they are written over the week.

I usually write a draft post Fridays about what I'd like to have for the week and use it as the basis for my shopping list for the market. Mondays I then add to the original post detailing what I bought and what it cost to keep track of what I'm spending and to show that it really is not an impossibility to shop weekly at Borough. I tend to use the same font for that as it's a continuation of the original.

As the week progresses I use some things as I meant to and others for something else. Some stuff goes into the freezer, other bits come out, there's always pasta and lentils and rice, not to mention bits and pieces need using up.

Come Friday I then go back to the draft post and, to distinguish it as an addition, I use a large font to show what I really had each day, and use italics in the lists of what I bought to indicate what it was used, or not, for.One of my ambitions each week is to have as little waste as possible, really hate throwing food away.

I used to write a separate post at the beginning and end of each week but wanted to combine them and changing fonts to distinguish differing times was the simplest thing.

I quite like the way it looks, and I figure that as it never involves the recipe posts it wouldn't impact badly on readers wanting to print things off.

But I will think again about it, perhaps there is a more elegant solution.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining the font changes. I was hoping it wasn't a hacker or some kind of blogging Tourette's syndrome. I humbly suggest that you somehow explain or change your font convention so that a new viewer is not challenged. On the other hand your blog is brilliant, and perhaps my font sensitivity is off the scale!



bron said...

George I will think about how to convey the same notion better - it's obviously not working entirely successfully!

But do love the notion you think the blog is brilliant! Thank you.