Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let's do Lunch!

This week was not as I had planned it, partly because I made lots of fabulous food Saturday night as a Chinese banquet, one of the upsides of which was having an easy peasy Sunday and the delight of the last of the tofu, aubergine, peppers and rice for lunch Monday already packed into boxes

Monday night I made a leek bread pudding that was even better than I was expecting, like a deeply luxurious Sunday lunch without the roast and it was seriously good for us for lunch from Tuesday till Thursday, and the man had clementines and cold steamed pudding as well for nutrition and sweet treats! Packed the night before, I got ten minutes more in bed and the man got to make coffee!

Oh dear - come Friday and the lunchbox was bare! So I shall take myself down to Whitecross Street for a hot chorizo roll and the man will take himself to Wasabi for a little sushi.


Anne said...

Mmm all looks delicious Bron, especially that leek pudding! I do like cooking extra just for the lunchbox treats!

bron said...

The pudding was a real treat - will post a recipe for it next time I make it.

Have to admit, lunch is often the highlight of my working day...