Friday, March 19, 2010

And there was lunch

Monday's lunch was a tub each of the extremely yellow thick soup of split pea and ham hock, heated in the microwave at work with apple cake that the man's mother gave us and a banana to round it all out. Took five minutes to pack Monday morning.

Tuesday was cheese sandwiches - love cheese sandwiches when they are made with good bread like this sesame baguette from Paul and filled with Pecorino and slick of chilli jam. Made Tuesday morning it took probably ten minutes by the time I'd sliced and buttered and wrapped, which is the outside time I think is reasonable to spend making lunch before work.

Wednesday there were lovely leftover steamed pork balls and stir fried peppers with a chilli sauce dribbled over the top and all served with the last of the basmati rice. Took two minutes to box up the night before - the man made the coffee next morning, yay! - and there was a lovely waft of spice when the box was opened at lunchtime.

I'm quite a fan of most cold pasta and this one was simply brilliant. Wednesday night I'd made leek and penne pasta bake that was gorgeous hot then I simply spooned the rest into tubs when it had cooled. Lunch done. Second day this week I stay in bed a few minutes more.

Friday was the second asian lunchbox for the week, this one vegetarian with steamed tofu with ginger and spring onions and bowl steamed aubergines over rice. Great flavours, delicate textures, man made the coffee. Perfect.

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