Saturday, March 06, 2010

We did lunch!

Mondays lunch was an amalgamation of leftover steamed pork balls topped with a particularly fine sauce made with chilli paste, shaoxing, soy and sesame and the last of the pasta salad that was leftover at foodchain Sunday afternoon that I brought home with me. I find that the moment when everything is cooked in the kitchen at Tooting and it has all been packaged up and sent out to the myriad recipients I feel enormous relief that it's all done and on its way but I'm not hungry at all. An hour after I get home I'm starving! So tend to bring my share of any leftovers back with me.

Lunch Tuesday and Wednesday was leftover roast chicken, butternut,salad made with steamed potatoes, cold sprouts which are surprisingly nice all finished with a dollop of really lovely chickeny gravy. Gorgeous.

Thursday lunch for me was the last of the roast chicken and vegetables. For the man it was steamed chilli chicken, steamed aubergine stir fried carrot and ginger - that went an interesting colour as I used purple carrots! He was the lucky recipient of the last of the rhubarb fool as a small sweet treat.

Pale and interesting for Friday lunch, had just enough steamed savoury egg custard, spicy cabbage and rice left to make one lunch box, most fine too the man proclaimed. Me, I made the sacrifice of buying a hot chorizo roll from Whitecross Street.

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