Friday, March 05, 2010

I wanted...I bought...I made

Pork & Veal Terrine with Pistachios and Green Peppercorns, steamed for 90 minutes

I have a tub of braised oxtail in the freezer, cooked long and slow in red wine and herbs, waiting till Jaey and Marie come round for supper. I described my oxtail lasagne topped with truffle cheese to them, ages ago, and they have wanted to try it ever since. So their time has come, Saturday night we'll be feasting on that with steamed chocolate pudding to follow. Fabulous it was and we had steamed eggs on top of the remnants of leek and bacon filling for an exquisite lunch. Perhaps salad to start in a vague attempt at balance. Sunday I'm hoping for leftovers and possibly steamed eggs en cocotte for lunch - steamed the leftovers, finding it's a great way to reheat things, but we moseyed out to The Bear for lunch. We are out Monday and Tuesday so I will make a pork and veal terrine for lunches with a bean salad. Wednesday night is the last night of the steamer - I will seriously miss it - so might be a greatest hits dinner, cabbage, aubergine and chicken with rice, Ha! can't let it go, so the steamer is staying, it really is love and so dinner was the last giant pork chop roasted with steamed vegetables, Thursday broccoli pasta steamed savoury eggs, spiced cabbage and rice, and Friday out again.

Still really cold in London but possibly one or two degrees warmer than the absolute depths. Grey too with a whippy wind coming, unexpected, round corners. Seems to keep the tourist numbers at Borough Market down early on, so there is an upside. At the Ginger Pig I bought both pork and veal mince, streaky unsmoked for our lunch terrine and smoked oyster bacon top up the freezer supply for £13.80. Nathan, who served me, asked if I was having a quiet week, buying so little but when I told him about the oxtail lasagne his face lit up and he declared that sounded so good he'd order it in a restaurant. And he wouldn't be disappointed!

At Booths I bought potatoes steamed Wednesday night and mixed with Helmans for lunch boxes Thursday, blood oranges, chicory and fennel a very good salad with black olives and walnuts as a starter Saturday night for £3.50

£1.50 for eggs from Wild Beef

At Ted's Veg I bought savoy cabbage fast becoming one of my favourite steamed vegetables, parsley and celery for bean salad and for soup made Thursday night for £3.20

From the Italian oil stall I bought a large tin of olive oil for a fairly bargain £15.95

Black olives from Taste of Turkey - £3

Truffle cheese, which the guy serving told me a little drier than the last lot as he gave me a try. Told him it was good and I wanted it mostly for a sauce which got me the very tiniest eye widening in shock before he agreed that would be great and, after sampling a few bought a very fine aged pecorino from Gastronomica - £17

Apples and pears for lunches from Chegworth, I am so glad they are back with a permanent stall, albeit a small one! £1.20

At Neals Yard I bought milk and cream - still have some yoghurt from last week that is just in date (and I like it sour!) - £8.70

One small loaf from Flour Power - £1.10 - rounded out the shop

Spent £68.95 which is a lot but the oil will last months

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