Friday, March 12, 2010

I wanted...I bought...I made

Leek and pasta bake

We are away for the weekend so I have already made ham and split pea soup to greet us upon our return. I bought some fabby thermos flasks recently so am planning soup for lunch Monday to give them a test run. Monday night I think pasta baked with leeks and cheese the man's mother gave us some thick slices of rare roast beef before we left Sunday so we had a collation with a little salami and some cheeses and bread, Tuesday steamed pork balls with stirfried peppers, Wednesday steamed tofu with aubergine made the pasta bake with lots of leeks, Thursday there is a tub with lamb & barley in the freezer that would be a treat steamed tofu and steamed aubergine, Friday I really fancy sausages, bit of salad, crusty bread. It means I will buy almost nothing at the market as I have pasta, cheese, pork, peppers, rice, and sausages already. Will be quick and cheap!

Decided on multi tasking for the morning, which meant I went to Borough and the man stayed in bed for a little bit longer. The market was quiet, and hard as it was, I did not go into the Ginger Pig and buy anything. Most strange. They were a bit busy so didn't even say hello.

Instead I started at Teds Veg - see what happens when I'm let loose! I bought leeks for pasta bake Wednesday night, carrots, onions untouched as yet but fine, lettuce salad with sausages Friday and aubergines steamed Thursday for £5.30

Bananas from the pound a bowl stand for lunches but they blackened quite quickly so not really a good buy - £1

Salami train snack Saturday from Gastronomica - £2.40

Eggs from Wild Beef - £1.50

Baguette from Rhodes - £1.20

Smoked salmon brunch Saturday from the Irish stall - £5

Coffee from Monmouth. As I waited to be served the guy next to me stepped back onto a pile of hessian sacks, tried to step away, his bag with beans caught the edge of the cup of coffee on the shelf in front of him, and oh, it was disaster. Coffee for miles and all over his jeans. He grinned ruefully at me and said 'Perfect start to the day' but it so was not. The people serving were so sweet - gave him paper towels to mop up the mess and refused to take payment for the replacement cappuchino they rustled up for him. I got me some dark roast costa rica - £10.50

At Neals Yard I bought milk and yoghurt - £4.70

And a cottage tin loaf from Flour Power - £1.10

Spent £32.70 - so cheap! - and home on the bus to find the man with coffee ready to go. Perfect.

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