Monday, October 23, 2006

I Bought

This weekend was the 250th anniversary of Borough Market continuous operation as a food market- an impressive achievement in anyone's books. Celebrations were planned with a procession and visits from stars like Giorgio Locatelli and most 0f it set to kick off about 11am. Curmudgeon that I am what it made me think was 'rush!' and get out ahead of the crowds. It is slow moving all the time but with the promise of extra treats and events it's bound to be more packed than usual. It was a sentiment echoed by some of the traders too - for them it holds the prospect of a full day of manic chaos - exhausting.

So rush rush to Ginger Pig for a couple of thick pork chops and some eggs - £6.40 - possibly the least I have ever spent there!

Then carrot, apple and ginger freshly juiced from Total Organics for energy - £3.00

Two packs of coarse ground beef and a couple of minute steaks from Wild Beef because their meat is amazing and Lizzie looked lovely in her old fashioned frock specially for the day - £10.50
A small tub of black kalamata's after a quick chat with Marie at Borough Olives - £2

Mozzarella injected with fresh cream and a soft round of sheep's cheese from the Italian stall - £10

A nice hunk of Caerphilly that is somehow creamy and crumbly at the same time - £3.80

Russets and a bottle of apple and rhubarb juice from Chegworth Valley stall - £4.60

Potatoes, cucumber, sugar snaps, butternut squash, lettuce but no herbs from Booths because they hadn't put them out by 10 am - £7.20

Dill from the vegetable stall round the back - 80p

Irish smoked salmon freshly sliced - a large tub today because my sweethearts parents were visiting - £7

Revisit Ginger Pig but to their cooked food counter for a giant sausage roll and a scotch egg - my eyes were possiblybigger than my stomach and I really wanted a sausage roll as they are the best but my lovely sweetheart is not convinced he likes them so I thought it best to have an egg as well so he would also have a savoury snack - £6

Coffee - dark roast Guatamalan from Monmouth - £8

Bread, milk and yoghurt from Neals Yard - £8.60

Corn fed chicken from Wyndhams for lunches - £5

Altogether an anniversay celebrating £76.90 - with no need to be buying a brownie this week as the Observer Food Magazine were very generously handing them out for free with a pack of freetrade coffee to publicise their monthly magazine and my lovely one snaffled a sample with alacrity

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