Monday, October 02, 2006

I Bought

Rain of the torrential variety swirled around us all weekend so we hit Borough Market expecting it to be fairly quiet. But no - the onset of autumn seemed to bring out the crowds looking to comfort themselves with fine food at home so mostly we were dealing with queues.

At Wyndhams Poultry I couldn't get a boiling fowl but I did get some frozen chicken's feet which delighted me no end. I am plannning to make a big pot of stock soon and had expected to have to order the feet specially. To my surprise they had some tucked away in the freezer. They are now in the freezer at home till next weekend when I'll add them to the pot for an unctuous silkiness to my soups and risottos. Also bought a whole chicken and some extra leg/thigh portions to make coq au vin as a special supper for Vicki before she returns to Singapore - £10.50

Ginger Pig was busy early and they had stewing steak on special at £7.50 a kilo so I bought some for slow cooked spiced beef as well as eggs and smoked bacon but I also wanted a pigs trotter to make the marinade for the chicken but they had sold out - must have been a run on them(!) - £11.40

Tried Silfield Farm for a pigs trotter without luck and then got a result at Northfields where they had a small mountain of pigs heads and trotters in the pork fridge, the butcher very kindly split it for me and it was only £1

Leeks, parsley, cucumber, aubergine and onions from the veg stall out the back - £4.20

Carrots and barley from Total Organics - £2.30

Mushrooms, sugar snaps, ratte potatoes, shallots, garlic, oranges - £6

Blanched almonds - fat and creamy - from Brindisa - £3

Then back past Ginger Pig and I bought a big fat golden scotch egg - £3

Guatamalan coffee from Monmouth - £11.50

Milk, yoghurt, crème fraîche and a ciabatta from Neals Yard - £7.10

At Flour Power I went to buy the now obligatory chocolate brownie for my sweetie and they had lots of bread piled up so, feeling that we were getting into a little rut with almost always only having ciabatta I bought a half of rosemary and potato bread that was crusted with Maldon salt to give us a little filip - and a brownie - £3.50

All in all it was £63.50 and we got in just ahead of the downpour

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