Friday, October 06, 2006

This Week

Saturday we had some bread and vegemite with the rosemary bread and it was a thin crusted slice with a dense soft centre - well worth the change. And it made good toast for the next couple of mornings. Dinner was a new dish from Fuchsia Dunlop's book, Slow Cooked Beef with Potatoes - not something I would immediately associate with Chinese cuisine but it makes sense. It was richly flavoured and very good.

Sunday after toast and coffee we dodged the rain and went to a preview of The Devil Wears Prada - funny and nasty and good Sunday morning viewing then we went home for scotch egg and the rest of the prep for dinner with Vicki and David - runny gorgonzola scraped up with crisp green celery, coq au vin over basmati rice and the fabulous almond and orange cake with a dollop of crème frâiche and coffee.

Monday was toast and coffee for breakfast, the cold chicken with rice for lunch after the rest of the almond cake for morning tea and vegetable curry and rice for dinner

Tuesday coffee and yoghurt and cereals for breakfast and the same for the rest of the week, lunch was curry and rice and dinner was stir fry pork and green peppers, sea spice aubergine and rice

Wednesday was leftover stir fry for lunch which actually was very good - I worried that it wouldn't work but the flavours were lovely. We were out in the evening recalling our youth watching the film of the Johnny Ramone tribute concert and Q&A after with Marky Ramone - the music is still great then a bowl of pho at Viet

Thursday I bought some so so fish and chips for lunch because it was cold and wet and nasty out but I wouldn't do it again from that shop as they weren't great, and then for supper we had big bowls of delicately flavoured leek and bacon pasta which was.

Friday it's boiled egg and salad for lunch and probably omelette with boiled ratte potatoes and salad for supper along with half the ciabatta that I froze on the weekend because the half rosemary loaf was huge

Not much leftover this week - half the spiced beef went into the freezer for another dinner, there was about a pint of red wine sauce left from the coq au vin that has also gone into the freezer, very possibly to be served over mashed potatoes and boiled carrots and sprouts when the weather gets colder, half a bunch of celery that is still crisp and a few carrots

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