Friday, October 27, 2006

This Week

After a major blowout on the giant sausage roll for lunch on Saturday consumed whilst getting the housework done in a flash, we had a pleasant afternoon at the theatre with the lovely boyfriend's folks and then home to pink champagne and smoked salmon on rye, spiced lamb with dill rice and roasted butternut and ginger cake and caerphilly.

Sunday we had appple juice and toast and coffee before walking over to Tate Britain to see the Holbein exhibition. It was impressive in its scope and its detail and interesting in the way that this German artist defines, still, the imagery of the court of Henry VIII. After waving the parents off to their coach home we caught the spotted catamaran from one Tate to the other, not for more culture but to have lunch at the Wheatsheaf. A very fine roast lamb and all the veg. Well fed at lunch we had a platter of leftovers garnished with the scotch egg for supper.

Breakfast for the week were the usual, coffee and cereals and yoghurt. Lunch for the first few days was poached chicken, rice salad and sugar snaps - a delicate medley of flavours and textures. Monday night we had bean and barley soup with thin slices of buttered rye bread - an absolutely perfect repast on a wet autumn night.

Tuesday we went to a private view of the photographs 'In the Face of History' at the Barbican. We started with a glass of wine in the Garden Room - and I was astounded to discover that there is a semi tropical garden under a glassed atrium in the centre of the Barbican. It's a full on forest. The exhibition was interesting but badly curated. On the way home we hopped off the bus at Elephant and went for a pizza at Castello's - a most extraordinary place of brown brick and tile that feels for all the world like eating in a 1970's tv cop show. They serve a bloody good pizza.

Wednesday we had pasta with broccoli and chilli for supper and the leftovers cold for lunch next day.

Thursday I had a French class and the lovely boyfriend went out for leaving drinks with people from work so we met up at home for blissfully good grilled prok chops, boiled pink fir apple potatoes and peas.

Friday I'm out for lunch to try a local Vietnamese place - Xich Lô - sadly the presentation is much better than the food - and we're having bean soup for supper.

Not much left over this week apart from some salad and eggs but they will be used, possibly for cake.

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