Monday, October 30, 2006

I Bought

Saturday was dim and overcast and the market was quiet early on which was nice. We started off, as always, at Ginger Pig. I wanted a piece of beef to roast on Sunday, and for leftovers for lunches. John suggested top rump - and it was a truly beautiful piece of meat, deep red, ridged with a barding of fat - perfect for my needs. Also bought some minced pork, smoked oyster bacon and eggs for a total of £19.20

Next was juice from Total Organics - the classic combination of carrot, apple and ginger - and that was all because they had no barley - £3

We strolled over to the other side and had a chat with Marie at Borough Olives - she told us funny stories about trying to encourage punters to ask for a sample rather than help themselves with their 'goodness knows what they last used those for' hands.

Next was leeks from what I have discovered is Ted's Veg - till now known as the veg stall out the back - £1.20

Apples from Chegworth Farm - early on they always have the longest queues but the wait is worth it - £1.18

2 aubergines - or obo's according to the sign - £1 - from the veg stall in the row near the Cathedral. Don't often buy from them as they sell multiples usually and I'm not entirely convinced of the quality

Mozzarella and a sheet of San Daniel ham from Gastronomica - £7.50

Potatoes, beans, onions, purple sprouting broccoli, beetroot from Booths - £6.50

Back past the Ginger Pig for a sausage roll and a scotch egg - as with all things from there they are huge as well as fabulous because size is important - £6

Neals Yard for milk and bread £5.50

A very reasonable £51.08

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