Friday, September 29, 2006

This Week

Saturday we had pork pie for lunch and then spicy mussels for dinner with crusty bread - good not but entirely great.

Sunday we had toast for breakfast then had lunch out with my friend Vicki who is over from Singapore and is always a joy to see. We went off to see the highly lauded but frankly dull Merce Cunningham at the Roundhouse - the highlight of the afternoon was walking through the crowds on Camden High Street just like there used to be 20 years ago and then home to grilled sausages and potato salad and the lovely boyfriend made spiced aubergine to go with.

Monday was coffee and cereal and yogurt for breakfast - same all week. Lunch was cold sausages and salad. With Vicki staying for a few days we had stuffed vine leaves and olives to snack on while we chatted, then spiced lamb and parsnip pudding and then I made a disaster. I read recently about making junket - which I used to love as a kid - and since it seemed very straightforward I bought some rennet, warmed some milk added rennet and sugar then started to stir. It started to coagulate then in no time at all it looked like a ball of mozzarella swimming in a bath of warm milk. Binned it - too sad. Perhaps some things are best left in the past. We finished with the last of the brie de meux instead

Tuesday we had cold lamb and parsnip pudding for lunch and smoked salmon on thick slices of hot hoxton rye with a glass of bubbly followed by celery soup then a large cheese plate on the basis that Vic has little access to fine cheese in Singa so this was a great excuse to pig out

Wednesday was salad for lunch and a brilliant dinner out at Le Cercle in Chelsea before watching the delightful Piano/Forte at the Royal Court - a very enjoyable night

Thursday it was boiled egg and salad for lunch, then quick as a flash courgette pasta for tea

Friday it's leftover pasta for lunch and I've defrosted the minute steaks from the other week for steak sandwiches with grilled onions and the last of the cheese for an easy end of week supper

Pretty much nothing left over or still frozen this week except for a few carrots that will be fine for next week

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